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Daryl and I were pleased to see our children launch into their adult lives with jobs, friends and church lives. We watched our children steadily grow in their faith with God. Of course, just like anyone else, we had our moments of ups and downs with having five young adults. Everything seemed ideal until one of our sons called one night saying he was just arrested for drunk driving. Life as we knew it, suddenly felt like a storm out of our control.


For Dustin, we sensed some warning signs. He told us to not be concerned. Family dynamics changed, forcing us to adapt to our son's consequences. Our son was remorseful, and we trusted a positive change would occur.

Unfortunately, months later Dustin made even worse choices. This time it was not only a physical battle, but a spiritual one too. Dustin’s unpredictable responses changed moment by moment day and night. We experienced traumatic moments and spiritual fatigue. For days, we saw ourselves praying out loud, singing worship songs and telling the enemy to leave in response to the threats we saw or heard from Dustin. We hung on to the incredible power and authority of God.


After the storm was over, God supernaturally reached out to Dustin and caused our prodigal to come home as his faith grew through wise counsel and repentance. We have been blessed to see a powerful transformation in him over time.

Since then we know Father God is always offering healing and wholeness to any prodigal. We, as the prodigal’s loved ones, need emotional healing and wholeness too. The Father is present, waiting to embrace, comfort, and counsel us as we watch and wait for our prodigal to come home.

We understand the heartache and pain you are feeling from our personal experience. Ministering to others has given us a vast array of options to help the hurting. May our interaction with you give you the tools to release your pain to recognize God’s heart for your family. 

Our Journey Into
elp! I Have A Prodigal.

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