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Help! I Have A Prodigal

10 Week Activation

How to Gain Hope and Healing

When Your Loved One Has Gone Astray.

Starts Monday, May 18 at 7:00 PM CST

Join Judy R. Slegh For a 10 Week, 

Help! I Have a Prodigal Activation

Judy has been through the trials of having a prodigal, she know the heartache. In the journey, God restored her hope as she let go of all the questions and sought His heart. 

Help! I Have A Prodigal activation group will allow you to build momentum, find accountability, and a desire to unpack the gems that are held within the book, Help! I have a prodigal. You will be inspired as you watch God unfold your healing as He guides you to a new way of thinking and into freedom of the weight of your situation.

Join Judy and build a community with others that are walking a similar journey, by joining this private Facebook group. You will find encouragement and support as you pursue healing from Jesus. It can be overwhelming at times, this group setting helps you through those difficult times. Be assured, you will meet people that understand. 

Judy confidently awaits and looks forward to watching the healing that God will bring you in the waiting.

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Join Activation Today!

$50 Per Individual/Married Couple Per Month ($150 if paid monthly)

Or Take Advantage Of This Incredible Deal

Only $125 Per Individual/Married Couple When Pre-Pay in Full By ...


At the end of the course all those who have attended and watched

each video and done their homework will be put into a drawing  to receive a 

free 30 minute blessing and prayer time with Judy Slegh (and possibly Daryl).

Is This Activation Course For You?

Are you finding it hard to know how to implement the boot camp teaching?

Are you feeling alone and need support so you can equip yourself and find strength?

Do you need accountability to work through the steps you have learned in the boot camp?

Are you exhausted, ashamed, and at a loss of how to continue on with your prodigal situation?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, it is IMPERATIVE for you to join.

Teaching is great but processing and freedom requires work.

Find the support you need as you work through healing by joining this group today!

Activation Starts on Monday, May 18 at 7:00 PM CST

Don't miss out on this great opportunity to find hope and healing.

What People Are Saying


This book gave me such hope.  It helped me identify and release feelings I have struggled with

regarding my son. It gave me strength and courage to reach out to my grand-kids. I have since been

reunited with them. This book showed me how to pray for my son and my situation. There are several

areas of the book that I will go back to more than once.  I’m still working on some areas

and feelings. It may take some time to be healed but I have so much hope.


I couldn’t shake the parental pain and felt responsible for my children’s bad decisions with

alcohol. Over the next 24 hours, The Prodigal Seminar, gave me actionable steps that I was able to speak to

that same night when I encountered my obliterated child. I prayed over my child for the next 45 minutes.

Speaking truth and love. I held my child.  Their response was this is the Mother they needed. The Prodigal

Seminar gave me strength to step out boldly with my child in prayer that night.

Minnesota Pastor

”When we started the course, we would pray desperately that our prodigal would change!   By the end

we had a new freedom to declare God’s destiny over him!”     


“The whole course introduced us to a new freedom through practicing daily forgiveness.  We experienced so

much healing from a deeper relationship with our Savior!“.


We walked away with the reality that our son is not his current behavior and situation, but the true gem

inside the clay. We now pray from who we know him to be, not the problem, declaring and

speaking life over his true identity.

Seminar Comments:

I found a safe place to share what I am feeling and the problems I face.

I felt supported in the relationships that were created. 

Judy was very welcoming to us and knew we were hurting. I left

hope filled with tools to use. I realize I am anticipating something good now.

I especially liked the authority and hope that Judy transferred to the attendees.

The shift from hopelessness to “God has this”.

I shifted from looking at the problems to looking for the good that is happening.

Judy, sharing with transparency and vulnerability, set the atmosphere

for our group to do the same thing.

Connection with Judy was a balm of Gilead to me.

The teaching on declarations was especially important to me. It gave me

the tools to develop declarations for my situation.

I was able to identify my mountain of misery and learned tools to take it down

In The 10 Week Activation Program You Will:

Find a group that understands your difficulties.

Receive encouragement instead of feeling judgement.

Get counsel from those that are a few steps ahead of you.

Feel strength in helping others with the wisdom you have learned.

Feel empowered to declare God is moving on your prodigal’s behalf.

Lean into the Lord’s plan and sense the support as you move forward together as you heal.

Be supported in developing boundaries and declarations that are specific for your situation.

Discover support as you help each other through the rough spots of your current situations.

What To Expect During

This 10 Week Activation Training

12 Weeks of How To Gain Hope And Healing When Your Loved One Has Gone Astray. 2 Live video training sessions hosted Monday and Thursday at 7 PM (CST) by Judy Slegh.

Daily Activation and Discovery Questions

Process and practice each training session as you engage in discussion with the community. This addition content will strengthen your connection to God and promote healthy changes.

You’ll receive an email after signing up with your invitation to join the event. All training sessions and materials will be delivered via Zoom. Recorded sessions can be accessed on the private Facebook page following the session. 

Access to additional prayer support if needed.

If you are needing help getting through the hard things, post a prayer request on the facebook timeline and tag Judy Slegh.

Help! I Have A Prodigal Activation Private Membership Group on Facebook

Access to the 5 day boot camp material and video's for three months.

Activation Starts on Monday, May 18 at 7:00 PM CST

In This Group You Will Be Required To: 

Have a Facebook account - In order to access this course

Purchase the book: Help! I Have A Prodigal by Judy R. Slegh (Kindle Available)

Complete weekly reading assignments from Help! I Have a Prodigal book.

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