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A Prayer to Pray for Your Prodigal Situation


You see my prodigal allowing sin to rule in their life. At one point the sin was a trickle like a leaky faucet. They ignored the need to fix it because it seemed harmless. As a result, they were deluded by the enemy into thinking their sin and waywardness wasn't a big deal. Now it is an avenue that rules and reigns in their life. Lust was conceived. It gave birth to sin and when sin was accomplished, it brought forth death. (James 1:13 NASB) Now they are blind to the gentle conviction of the Holy Spirit.

Father, do not allow them to be deceived anymore. Open their eyes by confronting them with Your truth in love. Let them run of of excuses to run from You and those that love them. Let them see the devastation this has caused. Let them experience discontent until they come back home to You. Stop the trickle. Stop the leak. Stop their river of sin by convicting them through Your divine awakening and revelation.

I say to my prodigal, open your eyes and heart. Look at the reality of your choices. Look at the discontent that will never be satisfied without a relationship with Father God.

Father, give them the strength to say no starting today. Give them an encounter with Your love and freedom. I rest while You are at work, Father. I claim this as a fact today. I will count it joy to anticipate their transformation.

I sanctify this prayer through the powerful blood of Jesus Christ. Amen.

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